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‘ALL-ON-4’ DENTAL IMPLANTS a great solution

Do you have all your teeth missing, alot of teeth missing or about to lose your remaining teeth? Then All-on-4 could be the best solution for you.

Teeth can be lost over the years through decay. gum disease and functional wear causing tooth failure and the need for tooth replacement. When a full arch of teeth have been lost, the options for replacing them are much more limited; a dental bridge is no longer an option as there are no remaining natural teeth for support. Traditionally the only available method left would be the use of a full complete denture.

Whilst dentures have improved in quality both in appearance and function and certainly represent an acceptable aesthetic option, many wearers do find them uncomfortable and socially awkward affecting your quality of life.

But there is another option!– both for people about to lose their remaining teeth or already have a full denture which they would like to replace to improve their quality of life. Wishing to be able to go out and eat and chew whatever they wish in public again with full confidence. No longer suffering with loose partial dentures or long term false teeth.

Teeth In A Day-

Here at Azure Dental in Formby, Liverpool we are pleased to offer an excellent alternative to dentures, in the form of same day teeth dental implants which can support a full fixed replacement arch of teeth.




Are you suitable for the All-on-4 technique and fixed permanent teeth?


Do you have loose dentures that the quality of your life?

Do you have severe periodontal gum disease and have suffered tooth loss?

You have previously suffered tooth loss in areas of your mouth meaning jawbone has been lost.

You are now at the stage where your remaining teeth/ crowns and bridges are failing along with loose teeth that need extracting.

You can now go from having no teeth at all, to a full and functioning set of replacement teeth even in cases where significant bone loss has occurred. As well as restoring your functional ability to similar levels as when you had natural teeth, it also restores your smile. While also correcting the proportions of your face adding extra height and volume for a more natural youthful appearance. This is because as you lose teeth and bone height is lost the lower third of your face closes up causing the tissues to sag and collapse inwards.

Using the dental implant treatment in a day procedure sometimes referred to as ‘same day smile’ or ‘teeth in a day treatment’ these issues can be resolved. This specialised dental implant procedure was originally developed by Nobel Biocare and the official title for this type of implant surgery is All-on-4. The technique was developed to provide people who had experienced or were about to experience total tooth loss, with a way to replace the function and stability of natural teeth with only four dental implants to support a full jaw of fixed teeth. Prior to this development the traditional technique for full arch fixed implant therapy involved from six up to ten implants combined with the long healing time required before a bridge could be fixed to the implants.

The reasons behind the development of this technique was to avoid this traditional healing time with dental implants of between three and six months between placing the dental implants and then restoring them with the final replacement teeth.

The dental implant cost of All-on-4 treatment varies depending on how many implants are required, the complexity of your individual case, any bone grafting required, the type of final bridgework you choose ( you can have bridgework made of acrylic, composite and porcelain) along with whether you have choose to have an immediate same day temporary fixed bridge. We are one of the few dental practices to offer all the multiple options available rather than just a single treatment fee for the most expensive treatment. Therefore fees can range quite a bit depending on each person’s individual situation. As a guideline fees can start in the region of £15,500 for the All-on-4 procedure dependent on the above choices. Given the fees involved for this type of dental treatment, staged payment plans are available along with monthly finance options up to 5 years.

Why Choose Azure Dental for your dental implant Liverpool treatment?


Dr Amit Mistry who undertakes the planning and implant surgery along with the immediate temporary bridgework performs this specialist procedure, and even more complex pterygoid and zygomatic dental implant therapy for teeth in a day, day in day out. He is one of the leading dental implant surgeons in the UK. Once the initial healing period is completed Dr Dan Hines then takes over the specialised reconstruction of the final bridgework to ensure the functional and cosmetic aspects are perfect. Overall ensuring a final good looking functional smile for the long term.

Given this level of expertise this is why Azure Dental is happy to provide a minimum 5 year guarantee on All-on-4 procedures subject to the required commitment to the dental care maintenance schedule associated with this treatment.

The All-on-4 procedure requires an initial consultation to be arranged and your gums inspected for any complicating issues such as uncontrolled active gum disease. This will need to be treated prior to the dental implants being placed. Initial diagnostic assessments will be undertaken including x-rays and impressions of your jaw to enable exact copies to be created in model form. A 3D CBCT scan will also be taken ( we are one of only a few dental clinics in Merseyside and the North West of England to have a scanner within the dental practice, avoiding the need to refer you and have you travel elsewhere for this diagnostic three dimensional imaging. This 3D image rebuilds you in many hundreds of ‘slices’ to ensure there is enough bone to place the dental implants. We can then also see exactly where your important structures are, such as the sinuses and nerves so any serious complications can be avoided.

Dental Implant / Teeth In A Day suitability


Dental implants for all teeth are now suitable for most adult patients who are in good health. They are not suitable for growing children under the age of 18 as the facial bone structure is still growing, people smoking more than just a few cigarettes per day (smoking severely compromises the blood flow to the tissues and complicates bone healing and the bonding integration of the implant to the bone) and people suffering from severe uncontrolled gum disease with no hygiene care plan in place.

During the treatment procedure two special implants are placed into the rear part of the jaw at a carefully calculated 45 degree angle designed to provide a particularly strong foundation for the new arch of teeth. As well as needing less bone it also avoids the need for extensive bone grafting in alot of cases. Two (sometimes three or four) additional implants are then placed towards the front of the mouth to complete the anchoring system.

Unlike individual dental implant placements, where the implant has to be left for a few months to bond with the bone before a crown can be attached; with ‘all on 4’, very often a temporary fixed bridge can be attached immediately avoiding the need for a loose temporary denture. Once this has been done and you have been provided with comprehensive aftercare instructions and a hygiene maintenance regime, you are free to leave the practice with a full set of new screwed in teeth!

Inevitably as to be expected, there will be some soreness once the local anaesthetic wears off. You may also need a little time to adjust to your new teeth. We suggest that you take your time to return to normal eating, starting off with soups and other soft foods for the first few days and then gradually moving onto foods such as soft pasta and mashed potatoes. However, very soon you will find that you can comfortably eat your usual diet and better with no problems at all.

To find out more about All-on-4 teeth in a day Liverpool and how we use them to replace a complete set of missing teeth and are looking at the potential solution of dental implant treatment then please-

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What our happy customers say


Implants are a very predictable treatment option. They have good long term success rates but require regular care and maintenance to ensure they remain healthy for as long as possible.

Implants are generally placed under local anaesthetic. Once numb treatment is carried out with the very minimum of discomfort.

No, your dentist will show you how to clean any hard to reach areas around the implant. But you’ll mostly clean them as you would your normal teeth.

Dental implants are designed to provide a long term solution to your gap(s). They require less frequent replacement than other solutions such as dentures or bridgework, making them an overall cost-effective solution to replace a missing tooth (teeth).

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