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Are you suffering from a tooth crisis?

  • Do you have painful toothache?
  • Do you need to fix your loose crown?
  • Do you need replace broken fillings?
  • Do you need to heal sore and bleeding gums?

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Six days a week Azure Dental provide on the day, emergency dental care, for the public of Formby, Southport and Liverpool.

Emergency dentist Formby is here to help…fear-free assistance at award winning Azure Dental.

Absolutely Fantastic Service

“Absolutely fantastic service! My fiancée was in agony. He was seen to by the lovely receptionist staff, and then Dan removed his tooth and now he feels great. Excellent service, made to feel welcome, and so professional! Thank you xxx”

– Sarah

Tooth Crisis

Full Tooth Crisis audit

Only £55

With full & clear guidance of any further treatment costs!

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End your Toothache today for as little as £190, Total price

That includes extraction and temporary fillings

If you do require more advanced treatment to end your pain we will make you comfortable and then advise you of what treatment is needed and what the additional costs would be before we go any further.


delve into our
Frequently Asked Question

What can happen if dental appointments are missed?

It is perfectly understandable – many people try to “tough it out”…”true grit”…some people think it is “soft” to go to a dentist for “a little tooth ache” or an annual check up…However, constant or periodically reoccurring teeth problems is your mouths (only) way of warning you…maybe a potentially serious problem exists…pain is an alarm that should not be ignored.

It could get worse and you could lose time at work

After back pain dental problems is one of the leading causes of time lost from work. In these days of company downsizing and job insecurity, you want to be at work and at your best when you are there.

It could make future necessary dental care more difficult, more time consuming, more costly and less effective.

Delaying needed treatment…masking pain with aspirin, other drugs…may only succeed at making treatment more difficult when time comes that you no longer put it off.

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