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Are you a Nervous Patient?

Do you have a fear of the dentist, dental anxiety or a dental phobia?

One of our core promises at Azure Dental is with regard to Pain Free Dentistry for the nervous patient. We appreciate how historically, dental practice hasn’t necessarily been this way and patients have had previous bad experiences and dental anxiety issues with dental care while trying to look after their oral health.

Overcome your fear with STRESS FREE, WORRY FREE dental treatment.

The aim of Azure Dental is to undertake dental health care in a very calm and gentle environment. Using modern tools and techniques combined with special care and attention, we are able to give this promise to our patients and make them feel at ease while visiting the dentist.

We regularly see people who have avoided the dentist for a number of years- 5/10/25 or more, having recently treated a patient who had not seen a dentist for 47 years- a new record for Dan. This is often related to a bad previous experience from childhood when visiting the dentist. Unfortunately, putting off dental treatment that is wanted or badly needed can result in greater pain and further anxiety creating a downward spiral of health and discomfort.

BUT, with lots of discussion and listening to your concerns at the initial consultation and extra time provided to make sure everything is planned and staged exactly right during any treatment. Ensuring that it is totally comfortable, totally pain free, unrushed and a good experience all round within the practice.

To help things further you can also always bring your own calming music or request a playlist from Spotify. Or, bring a friend or family member to come along into the room with you if you wish, to have more support during any treatment.

Listen to what Teresa had to say about her treatment at Azure Dental, being a very nervous patient who hadn’t seen a dentist in about 25 years. The Azure Dental team helped her feel relaxed enough to undertake the necessary dental health treatment required.



We go to great lengths to make every person feel welcome, comfortable and relaxed allowing them to take their time in feeling confident with us. If you are still a very nervous patient then you may prefer to undergo gentle sedation during treatment. We have the faciity to offer either sedation in tablet form or for greater relaxation with ‘conscious sedation‘ using the services of a Consultant Anaesthetist. The drug provides a state of deep relaxation, but you remain awake and responsive and can understand commands. A side effect of the drug though, is that of amnesia- meaning it will feel like the appointment was over in a flash and you will remember very little if anything of the treatment the next day. After 24 hours recovery (no driving, cooking, operating machinery) you can return to normal life- with better dental health.

If you feel extremely anxious, have a fear of needles, had previous issues with getting completely numb and failing to have a comfortable pain free experience, you struggle with a strong gag reflex, severe sensitivity or other complex dental needs then this may be the solution for you to enable treatment to be completed.

You do not need to be embarassed, worried or afraid at the state of your teeth- you can achieve a good looking, healthy smile for life.

We can help!

  • Healthy Smile Assessment

    At Azure Dental we appreciate that in order to keep your smile at its best it is essential to have a thorough, stress free smile assessment.

    Our healthy smile assessment ensures that nothing is ever missed.

    Early diagnosis will greatly reduce the risk of dental emergencies such as toothache and lost crowns and fillings. This will in turn enable you to stay healthy and enjoy a confident smile for many years to come.

    Your assessment will include:

    • An analysis of your general medical health in relation to your dental health – many   conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiac disease can be related to your oral health.
    • Detailed oral cancer screening.
    • Overview of any bite and jaw related issues – these issues can cause symptoms such as fractured teeth, tooth wear and headaches.
    • Comprehensive checking of all your dental work under high magnification.
    • Detailed examination of areas where plaque and tartar have collected.
    • Your own personalized oral hygiene score to show how clean your teeth are.
    • The use of an intra- oral camera to highlight any problem areas – the pictures viewed and discussed during the consultation.
    • Necessary x-rays to check the underlying health of your teeth and gums using the very latest low dose instant digital x-rays.
    • Cosmetic analysis (if requested) to discuss ways in which we could help you enhance your smile with the latest cosmetic treatments.
    • A health review of all the above including a custom plan to keep your smile in the best possible condition.

    This examination protocol will allow the Azure Dental team to make sure that you are involved in every stage of your visit and will allow us to provide you with the very best possible care.

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'Dan put me at total ease'

Mrs GGeneral Dentistry

'A Very Nervous Patient Dan Put Me At Total Ease'

“As a very nervous patient Dan put me at total ease and gave me confidence to achieve my ever wanted ‘perfect smile’. The final results were fantastic and I would highly recommend this friendly and professional practice to anyone contemplating veneers.”

Mrs G General Dentistry
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