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Comfortable Dentures At Azure Dental

Do You Wish That You Could Eat Out In Public Again Without Feeling Self Conscious And Embarrassed? If your answer to this question is ‘yes’; and you would like to start going to restaurants and pubs with your family and friends, if you’re ready to start feeling good about yourself again- then Azure Dental is ready to help you with new natural dentures.

While some people cope well with wearing dentures, many people do find them difficult to tolerate, embarrassing to wear and struggle to eat and live normally. Resorting to using denture adhesive to try and help stabilise the naturally occuring movements of the denture in the mouth while the tongue, cheeks and lips move.

Complete Dentures- Full Dentures

The terms used for a full set of false teeth which are used when someone needs replacement teeth due to extensive terminal gum disease or when someone is about to loose their final existing teeth.

Partial Dentures

This is the term for when someone still has some teeth in one or other jaw and requires a number of spaces to be filled with a simple straightforward solution. These appliances can be made entirely with acrylic only (so it is all pink plastic) or with a metal chrome base with pink acrylic and teeth where the teeth and gums need to be. Chrome bases are signifcantly stronger; but more importantly are usually much less bulky all round and can have a better grip and functional stability, as any clasps and rest seats designed to hold the surrounding natural teeth are part of the framework.

Temporary Dentures

When teeth are removed the bone has to heal before any permenant replacements can be manufactured. This is because the bone shrinks alot during the first 3 month healing period. If a dental plate is made immediately this is always a temporary measure for either or both cosmetic and functional reasons. One to give people more teeth again to chew with or because the missing tooth or teeth will show in the smile, and so they wish to have the gap/s filled to avoid any embarassment during this period.

Denture Stabilisation- Implant Retained Dentures- Implant Supported Denture

These are the terms used for when dental implants are placed into the jaw and allowed to heal. Then special anchor attachments inside the base can be used to clip a set of dentures onto them. Thus stabilising and retaining the dental plate ensuring there is no looseness, lifting and wobbling. This means you can eat/chew/drink/smile/talk and laugh without worry!

The anchor attachments can be simple snap fit versions which are especially good for 2 implants in the lower jaw or it can be more complex with a special titanium bar joining 2-4 implants together in top or bottom jaws to provide even greater stability and security with 4 implants and a bar almost being semi-fixed due to the titanium bar taking all the biting forces when eating.

Precision Attachment Dentures

This type of denture is possible when someone still has a few of their natural teeth with good stable oral health around them. If this is the case then you may be a candidate for precision attachments to work similar to implants to aid in holding your partial denture in place. The treatment usually involves preparing one tooth on each side of the mouth for a crown. The usual impression taken for a normal denture is taken but this then also includes the prepared teeth. The laboratory are then able to manufacture special crowns, that have an attachment sticking out of the gold framework and the dentures including the opposing attachment glued inside. Thus ensuring everything fits together perfectly and they can act similar to implant dentures.

Cleaning and Maintenance

It is crucial that the same good health regimes are maintained whether someone has a complete set or part set of replacement teeth. Cleaning your dentures is important using soap and water with an old soft brush and then soaking in a disinfectant such as Steradent.

If you have remaining teeth then it is even more vital that they are looked after with an excellent oral hygiene regime to ensure they stay healthy and stable. This is because they will be more prone to bacteria and debris build up around the surfaces that the denture fits against which can cause problems with decay and gum disease going forwards. The stabilty of the plate will be being greatly enhanced by the friction from these teeth and if lost over time both the healing from the shrinking bone and the loss of contact will mean greater progressive looseness and instability.

Denture Manufacturing Stages

To produce a high quality bespoke set of dentures takes alot of time, care and attention, with usually 4-5 visits approximately a week apart to allow time for the laboratory technicians then time to create the next stage of your plan. This can change depending on review visits to finalise the aesthetic setup and if a metal framework base is being used for a partial denture.

Appointment 1- Initial primary impressions taken for the lab to produce a “special tray” for your mouth and a bite registration block

Appointment 2- The multi-stage 3D master impression to achieve the most perfect replica of your mouth- this is crucial and completely different to a normal single stage impression technique. This determines how good the overall fit and grip your denture will have once completed. Your bite is also registered at this visit to ensure everything will fit together and function properly

Appointment 3- The aesthetics setup and tryin review- this stage lets us ensure the impression we took at the last visit has created a perfect model of your mouth and so the final processed denture will fit perfectly. Also we are reviewing the cosmetic tooth apperance in your face to ensure the shape/ style/ length of teeth is correct for you. This stage is always in wax to enable subtle changes in position to be performed as desired prior to finihsing the denture. The setup produced by the lab can be perfect/ very natural or somewhere in between bespoke to you. We always ask if you have a photo showing your natural teeth so that if you wish we can copy the same shape and style to look just like you when younger.

Appointment 4- The final natural denture is completed and fitted, any initial pressure adjustments are made to ensure the minimum amount of rubbing in the early days while the new plate “beds in”. We then review and make minor adjustments to any pressure spots as you start to use the new teeth.

To review your individual situation and look at a bespoke solution for the creation of functional natural looking dentures with increased comfort and stability- arrange a consultation with us on 01704871743

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    Dan provided a friendly but very professional service, with much attention to detail both regards the looks and fit. Probably my best moment was being complimented on my new ‘veneers’ by a very stylish woman. I really would recommend the Azure Dental practice in Formby to everyone. I wish them well for the future in their new location.”

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