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Liverpools leading pain free dental and cosmetic practice

Finding the perfect Liverpool Dentist

Finding the right dentist is important. Whether it’s just for yourself or for your whole family, it helps to find a suitable expert able to cover the right range of dental needs.

What to look for in your Liverpool Dentist

Naturally, you’re looking for someone local and accessible. More than that, however, it’s best to have a Liverpool dentist that provides both essential dental health services and aesthetic improvements.

This is because, as we get older, we often want to restore the appearance of our teeth. Rather than going to two different experts, it’s much better to have one provider that specialises in these wider orthodontic needs.

Such treatments include typical realignment procedures, such as braces, but also teeth whitening and the replacement of lost or damaged teeth.

About Azure Dental

At Azure Dental, we strive to provide for every possible dental need through the use of the most modern and effective approaches. This way, we keep patient comfort and satisfaction as our number one priority.

Alongside checkups and typical Liverpool dentist treatments, our services include:

  • Teeth Straightening. If your teeth are misaligned or otherwise uneven, we have a number of methods to help realign them. This can include clear braces, such as invisalign treatments, as well as inman aligners, ICE braces and more. Unlike traditional orthodontic braces, which can often require over a year or more of treatment, we also offer short term orthodontics, including removable, temporary solutions, providing minimal disruption to your lifestyle.
  • Dental Implants. Replacing lost teeth is very important but, naturally, something many people are ill informed about. Whether it’s one tooth or multiple, we can help restore your smile and provide a natural looking replacement.
  • Veneers. Similar to dental implants, we use modern and safe veneers to restore damaged teeth to their former glory.
  • Teeth Whitening. Teeth can become strained or otherwise lose their colour overtime. At Azure Dental, we can fix this through advanced laser techniques. Specifically, we combine a white bleaching gel with a blue LED lamp to better amplify the enamel in your teeth through a long-lasting and effective process.
  • Facial Aesthetics. More than just teeth, we can use anti-wrinkle technologies and skin care treatments to remove wrinkles and restore a smooth complexion. However, where the mouth is concerned, we also specialise in the implementation of dermal fillers to fill any gaps that might otherwise be noticeable on the outside.
  • Smile Makeover. By combining all of the above, we can choose the best techniques and approaches to restoring, or even simply enhancing, your smile.

Currently, we have over 10 specialised experts on board, ranging from general practitioners to hygienists and Implantologist. This way, you get the benefits of different experts all through one practice.

How to find us

Our facilities are based in Formby, so they’re easy to get to from anywhere in the wider Liverpool region – and what’s more, you’ll be able to avoid the inner-city traffic. We’re open Monday to Saturday, so it’s easy to fit essential appointments around even the busiest lifestyle.

Of course, if you’re interested in booking an appointment, it’s always best to start with a consultation. Our Liverpool dentist office can be reached on 01704871743.