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Facial Aesthetics

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Smoother, younger looking skin.

Rejuvenate your facial features and get a more youthful look with our anti-wrinkle and unwanted lines treatment.

A natural more youthful you

We have a wide range of non-surgical treatments to help improve your skin and revitalise your look. If you have forehead and frown lines or wrinkles around the eyes, otherwise known as crow’s feet, then a course of our anti-wrinkle treatment can help rejuvenate your look. Anti-wrinkle injections relax targeted muscles in the face smoothing out lines and wrinkles giving you a natural more youthful appearance within just 2 weeks.

Low or dropping brows can make someone look tired, angry or older than they are. A non-surgical eyebrow lift using a series of anti-wrinkle injections into the group of muscles that pull the eyebrows down can elevate the brow back to its natural youthful position.

All skin is unique and to reflect this we create tailored treatment plans for all our patients. During your FREE consultation, you can discuss your requirements with our expert who will map out the best route for you using the most up to date products and best techniques.

Treatment time takes as little as 30 minutes in total. Our expert trained dentist only takes several minutes to administer the anti-wrinkle injections to the targeted treatment areas. The results last for 3-6 months, with the effects of any anti-sweating treatment lasting slightly longer, for 6-9 months. Aside from the small injections, the treatment is relatively pain-free and you can return to work immediately.

Duty of care to our patients is extremely important to us and two weeks after your treatment has been completed, we invite you back so we can review the results and make sure that you are happy with everything.

It is worth noting that treatment is not suitable for everyone, including women who are pregnant and breastfeeding, so we will require full disclosure of any existing medical conditions, such as any neuromuscular disorders.

You are in safe hands

Botox® has been used medically for 60 years. It is one of the safest and most researched toxins used in the cosmetic industry in the right hands.

To learn more about our Botox® treatments book a FREE consultation to discuss your skin concerns and aspirations with our expert facial aesthetic dentist- Dr Ella Cadwallader.

Facial Rejuvenation: BOTOX®

  • 3 Areas from £240
  • 2 Areas from £170
  • 1 Area from £130

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    Facial Aesthetics FAQ's

    Here at Azure Dental we are pleased to offer facial aesthetics as part of our mission to help improve your appearance. We offer this through the use of anti-ageing injections, dermal fillers or a combination of both depending on what you would like to achieve and what is best for you.

    Botulinum Toxin (BOTOX)

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    What are anti-ageing injections?

    Botox injections are now a common procedure involving the relaxation of particular facial muscles to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. They act to reduce the movement in that area so as well as reducing superficial lines, they help to prevent the formation of new ones.

    Where on my face are they done?

    The sites are determined by your area/s of concern but usually take the form of four areas. The forehead, between eyebrows (glabella), around sides of eyes (crows feet), and upper lip (‘smokers’ lines). Botox can be used in other areas around the face, but this is best determined during your consultation.

    How often are they done?

    Anti-Ageing injections will need to be performed approximately every twelve weeks, they are not a permanent treatment but can be repeated as required every three months or every once in a while should you have a special occasion on the horizon.

    Will I look different straight away?

    Please be aware that you will need to allow around five days for the results to show, it is not an immediate appearance.

    Does it hurt?

    The process is not painful, but patients describe a very slight ‘crunching feeling’. If it is your first time we are happy to offer topical anaesthetic cream, but feel that as a regular client you will not feel it necessary.

    How long does it take?

    This does depend on the number of areas but is not a long procedure. Regular patients would usually be seen within 15 minutes. Please note if this is your first time we would need to book a consultation first which would be 30 minutes long.

    Is it normal for a Dentist to do these treatments?

    The only practitioners that are legally and professionally able to conduct aesthetic procedures are doctors, dentists and nurse practitioners who are qualified in their field and have taken further aesthetic qualifications in injecting. We have our own separate aesthetic insurance for undertaking work in this area. Dentists are very used to placing injections on a daily basis and also have a good understanding of head and neck anatomy; both essential requirements for our daily job. We are also able to place dental injection which actually aid further in the numbing of facial areas for aesthetics.

    Facial fillers are now increasing in popularity as an alternative to surgical procedures to improve the signs of ageing. Unlike Botox injections which reduce fine lines, fillers add that lost volume back to areas of your face which reduces due to the ageing process.

    Where are fillers commonly placed?

    Fillers can be added to very much every part of the face to add back lost volume depending on where it is most suitable. Fillers can also act to add definition and substance to structures such as the lips to help add volume that originally wasn’t present.

    As a general idea, the common areas of treatment are listed below:

    • Lip volume
    • Cheek volume
    • Jaw definition
    • Chin shaping
    • Naso-labial folds (side / below nose)
    • Corners of mouth lines
    • The Eight-point face-lift
    I’m worried I will look ‘odd’ and ‘fake’ as there are many celebrities with poor results. Is this common?

    This is usually the first thing patients’ worry about when attending for consultations. Social media has shown us a lot of extreme cases of people who take treatment too far for aesthetic balance. It is the duty of the practitioner to keep this in mind at all times, maintaining the balance in all areas of the face. There is a limit to how much filler can also be injected in one sitting, and although this can be added to at a late date, we would not place enough in one go to give such dramatic results anyway.

    Are fillers a good alternative to surgery?

    There is no replacement for actual surgery such a face-lifts, but what fillers are able to do is replace lost volume and define areas of the face in a much less traumatic procedure than having a surgical treatment.

    The eight-point face lift for example is a great way to target common areas of the ageing process in one treatment to add volume where required, and therefore as a result creating lift in other areas of the face.

    Does it hurt?

    For this procedure we would advise the use of topical numbing cream, and if required can also use dental injections (such as with the lip area) to aid in making you more comfortable. Patients do not describe the process as painful, and feel the efforts made to numb the areas work very well.

    What happens after my treatment?

    As with all treatments, we will provide you with an aftercare routine and discuss with you how best to care for your treatment areas. With fillers please keep in mind there is a risk of bruising and swelling in the following 72 hours so we advise if you are planning to look great for an event you give yourself at least a week prior to this to have your treatment done.

    There are stories in the media about complications with filler, some of them quite serious; should I be concerned?

    There are potentially more complications with filler injections than with Botox, as a gel-like substance will be placed within the facial anatomy. There is a risk during this procedure that structures such as blood vessels can be ‘blocked’ by the gel, which then causes something called ‘necrosis’, a serious complication. However, even so if necrosis does occur and is spotted early it can be resolved and healthy tissue function restored. This is why again it is very important to choose your practitioner wisely who is fully trained and able to place safely.
    Lip fillers are perhaps the most widely recognised procedure and are done very routinely, by many different professions. The risk of necrosis and complications is just as high in this region and it is very important only trained professionals conduct the use of fillers.

    I would like to have some aesthetic work done, what would be my next step?

    We would love to see you for a consultation to discuss how we can help you.
    The consultation will take around 30 minutes where we can decide on the best course of treatment for you.
    The consultation is free of charge, but we do take a reservation deposit to secure your appointment in our diary.

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