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Why Is Invisalign Better Than Other Aligners?

Why Is Invisalign Better Than Other Aligners?

Invisalign clear aligners are the most popular orthodontic treatment option currently available. This is due to their inconspicuousness, comfort, and convenience compared to conventional or lingual braces. However, Invisalign aligners are still preferred over other aligner alternatives, with Invisalign manufacturers claiming that over 16 million people have benefitted from this treatment option worldwide. Why is […]

BRACES LIVERPOOL-Types And How They Work

RESTORE YOUR SMILE BRACES LIVERPOOL-TYPES AND HOW THEY WORK BOOK AN APPOINTMENT GET IN TOUCH BRACES LIVERPOOL Braces in dentistry are known as orthodontic treatments. These treatments were developed over time to treat people who had issues with their bite and jaw function. This page is a guide as to what modern braces systems are […]


10 REASONS TO WEAR AN ICE BRACE Interested in having Straight Teeth using Clear Braces??? Here are our Top 10 reasons to wear an ICE Brace and why you should come to Azure Dental ?  1. A FREE ONLINE CONSULTATION with our patient coordinator alongside one of our amazing dentists. 2. To experience our 5* fantastic service in […]