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Dental Implants

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Are You Looking For Dental Implants In Liverpool To Replace Your Missing Teeth?

“If You Have Missing, Wobbly Or Loose Teeth, Watch This”

If you’ve got missing, wobbly, loose teeth, failing teeth or loose dentures then this modern day solution, dental implants is for you.

It can be as simple as a single tooth that’s missing or broken or lost or has been missing for a while but it’s affecting your smile. Or it can be as advanced as you missing all of your teeth and having a loose full plate that you would like to get rid of completely and have good looking fixed teeth to enable you to eat and chew anything you would like when you’re out eating in company, smiling, talking without any movement or wobbly teeth at all.

We understand that missing teeth and gaps in your smile can be very embarrassing and really affect your confidence. However, with dental implants you can get your confidence and smile back. Many people have experienced tooth loss – whether it be a single tooth that is lost or multiple teeth.

We appreciate that people affected by tooth loss often find eating in public difficult and traumatic or are not confident about their smile. When teeth are lost your jawbone actually shrinks away, and from scientific research we know that wearing dentures accelerates this process. This in turn affects the muscle tone to the face reducing bone support for the lips and cheeks.

  • Do You Have Loose Fitting Dentures?

    Dental Implants For Loose Dentures

    The majority of denture wearers suffer discomfort as a result of loose or ill-fitting dentures. If the problems are severe this can lead to withdrawal from social engagements as a result of wearing them.

    Successful placement of the mini implants addresses and solves all of these social and practical problems. The new Mini and Midi Implants are the perfect system to provide greater denture stability for those unable to undergo regular implant treatment.

    Once the implants are in place they act like a tooth root in the bone, allowing a denture to be securely attached, often with an audible CLICK as the denture is seated.

  • Are You Embarrassed By Your Missing Teeth?

    Dental Implants For Missing Teeth

    Single missing teeth replaced by dental implants are fixed just like natural teeth freeing you from tooth preparation procedures for bridgework or the artificial feel and discomfort of partial dentures, allowing you to eat whatever you like without compromise. The replacement teeth look and feel completely natural.

  • Dental Implants Full Teeth Replacement

    A ‘Full Arch Tooth Replacement’ Is the name given to the replacement of a large number of missing teeth or all teeth in the upper and lower jaws. Opting for dental implants if you have no natural teeth at all will ensure that your replacement teeth look and feel natural and will function like natural teeth when you are eating and talking without having to take them out at night.

    As a result, these full arch dental implants are fixed permanently in place so that the only one who knows you have dental implants is you.

    It is very important to replace missing teeth to not only preserve the functionality of your mouth, but also to allow you to chew food easily. If you are missing most or all of your teeth, there is a chance your cheeks may begin to sag inwards and make you appear older than you are.

    Complete denture replacement- no need to remove a denture after meals or at night time. The full arch of teeth can be cared for and cleaned just like natural teeth.

    The full arch of teeth fits the natural contours of your mouth, improving facial structure and preventing sagging or hollow cheeks. Replacement teeth that feel like a full set of natural teeth increasing self confidence and quality of life

    No compromise on taste as the full arch of upper teeth does not cover the roof of your mouth.

    Your ability to bite is greatly increased so you can enjoy the foods you previously could not.

    Choose from a wider choice of food with a more varied diet for healthier living. Promotes a healthy jawbone by preventing further bone loss.

    The entire procedure can be completed in just one day with an immediate loading concept that avoids multiple procedures, minimal recovery time with very little discomfort.

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After Procedure

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Dental Implants FAQ's

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What are dental implants?

Dental implants are a modern method of replacing damaged or lost teeth and provide a healthy, natural-looking smile. The implant is a metal post, usually made of titanium, which supports dental prosthesis such as crowns, bridges and dentures. The implant, which is placed into the jawbone, can replace the root of a tooth when it fails.

What are dental crowns?

Crowns are often fitted to teeth that are heavily filled, chipped or broken and are usually made of porcelain. A tooth-shaped cap (the ‘crown’) is placed over the damaged tooth and cemented in place, restoring the appearance and functionality of a damaged tooth. Where a tooth is lost, an implant can be fitted and a crown is attached to this.

What are dental bridges?

Bridges quite literally ‘bridge the gap’ between missing teeth. A bridge is made up of two anchor teeth, which can be healthy teeth or two crowns held in place by dental implants, with a false tooth or teeth filling the gap between. A bridge can not only improve the appearance of your smile, but they can also reduce the increased stress that is present on other teeth, when you have a gap.

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