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It is understandable that many of us will attempt to put up with the pain rather than going to visit a dentist for “a little tooth ache” or a regular check up. Nevertheless, these regular or periodic teeth problems are how your mouth warns you of possible severe problems. Pain is your own alarm and something that should not be ignored.

Dental problems are second only to back trouble as the most widespread reason for taking time off sick. With companies downsizing and job security a thing of the past it’s important that you are back in work and feeling good.

By putting off essential treatment or masking the pain with pain killers…you may only succeed at making treatment more difficult when the time comes that you can no longer put it off.

Dental Surgery is no small matter. There is at all times an element of risk when going “under the knife”. Your ability to work and play may be limited after surgery. Surgery and recovery can also be very high-priced.